Ultimate Colosseum Arena Tour

In a metropolis crowded with ancient ruins, Vespa scooters and culture-hungry tourists, where umbrella pines filter the Mediterranean sunlight, the Colosseum remains the most iconic structure. Because of fires and earthquakes, two thirds of its original form have been destroyed, but the monument remains a noble ruin visited annually by millions of travellers. This tour not only offers access to Colosseum’s ground floor level and the second tier, but you will benefit from exclusive access to the Colosseum Arena where your guide will introduce you to the wonders of the Ancient Roman games.

Enjoy privileged access to the restricted Colosseum Arena

Beat the crowd and enter the Colosseum through the back door entrance leading straight to the Arena Floor. Enter through the gate that was named after Libitina, the goddess of funerals, where dead gladiators and animals were carried away. Feel the majesty of Ancient Rome as you follow the footsteps of those who fought in gladiatorial combat. As you are standing on a wooden reconstruction of the original arena floor you will enjoy astonishing, 360-degree views of the Colosseum. You can look up at the ruins that were once filled with tens of thousands of spectators. Only a certain amount of visitors can be there for a given amount of time, which means there is plenty of space to move around and satisfy even the more avid of the photographers.

Explore the ground floor and the second tier of this iconic monument with an expert guide

After your Colosseum arena floor tour, you will explore the general access area which includes the ground floor, the second tier and a balcony with astonishing views over the Roman Forum and Arch of Constantine. Once you step onto the Podium over the main entrance to the Arena, that was reserved for the most important Romans, you can feel the thrill of the amphitheatre as a quintessential symbol of Roman culture. You will then explore the second tier, reserved for the non-senatorial noble citizens, which bears witness of the importance of social class in the Roman society. Most importantly, our guides will provide you with entertaining and engaging stories and legends of these sites,rather than just a lengthy list of dates and names. Ancient history has never been this engaging!

Meeting Time: 11:00 am/ 1:00 pm / 3:00 pm / 5:00 pm
Meeting Place: Via Del Colosseo 24
Groups of 12 people or fewer