Colosseum Express Tour

Whether you are looking for immersive historical experiences or your wanderlust keeps you desirous for spellbinding adventures, visiting the Flavian Amphitheatre, the symbol of Italy to the wider world, should be on your list. Despite damage by fire and earthquake the Colosseum still creates a powerful impression of its original form. A couple of millennia after it was built, you have the occasion to experience one of the greatest engineering marvels in history. Join us and be ready to gain first-hand experience of Rome’s gladiatorial past. This tour will help you develop an understanding of the social aspects of the monument, essentially how the areas of seating reflected the social status of the occupant in the Roman society. Ancient history has never been more accessible, engaging and entertaining!

Skip the line into the Colosseum

The Colosseum is popular for its greatness and historical baggage, but it is also well known for its colossal queues and when you are on holiday travel time management is just as important as learning to budget your money. Needless to say, a good traveller would not dream of going to Rome without visiting the Colosseum. By joining this tour you will walk right past the line and get into the Colosseum, maximizing the time you have to enjoy the beauty of Rome.

Colosseum Tiered Seating from 2 millennia ago

The Colosseum games and battles captivated enormous audiences. But who exactly was given the opportunity to witness these games first-hand? Because the rulers aimed to keep the population appeased by satisfying the public enthusiasm for games and spectacles, every citizen, from plebeians to patricians, was allowed entrance. However, the seating arrangements of the Colosseum bear testimony of the hierarchical structure of the Roman society. The tour begins with the exploration of the ground floor level. This is where the Emperor, the Vestal Virgins,and the most important Romans had the best views from boxes at the North and South ends of the arena. Your guide will also walk you through the second tier, where the noble families sat,which will give you a first-hand experience of the importance of social status in ancient Rome.

An expert guide in Roman history carries weight!

Female gladiators may sound unusual, but they did indeed exist. Scholarly consensus on the existence of what is now referred to as gladiatrix is far from uniform but the evidence weighs heavily on the side of accepting female gladiators as historical reality.Your guide will not only provide you with stories ranging from gladiators fighting for their freedom to the emperors who used these grand events to distract and appease their citizens but they will also explain the architectural wonder and the efforts made to build the Colosseum given the tools and mathematical knowledge of the time. Learn about this and many more other stories from our expert guides!


Meeting Time: 11:00 am/ 1:00 pm / 3:00 pm / 5:00 pm
Meeting Place: Via Del Colosseo 24
Groups of 12 people or fewer