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Private Colosseum Arena and Ancient Rome Tour

Experience a private guided tour of the Colosseum with fast-track entry and skip-the-line tickets. Benefit from the privacy and customization of having an English-speaking guide all to yourself, while also guaranteeing access to the monument with a pre-booked tour. Explore the restricted area of the Colosseum Arena Floor via the “Gate of Death” and learn fascinating stories about ancient entertainment. Discover the politics, religion, and social life of ancient Rome at the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill. End the tour with a pleasant stroll up the Palatine Hill to enjoy the stunning views of the city. With guaranteed access and the privacy of a minimum two-person tour, this experience is perfect for couples or families.

What is the "Gate of Death" and why is it important for the Colosseum tour?

The "Gate of Death" is a secret back door that was used to take out the gladiators who failed in battle from the Colosseum arena. It's important for the Colosseum tour because it is the entrance used to access the special restricted area of the Colosseum, where visitors can see the original arena floor and have a fantastic view of the tiered seating of the monument.

How many people can visit the Colosseum on a daily basis and why is it important to pre-book the private guided tour?

The Colosseum can only accommodate around 3,000 people on a daily basis. It's important to pre-book the private guided tour because it guarantees access to the Colosseum even when the tickets are sold out at the entry. By pre-booking, visitors can skip the long ticket lines and jump straight into discovering the majesty of the Colosseum with a private guide who will organize the skip-the-line tickets and provide a great deal of privacy and customization.